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This gintastic gift hamper contains:


Choose from one of the following Waiheke Gin Lovers selections which includes a double ended Jigger to quickly measure out your Gin :


Choose a Gin Jigger:

  • Stainless Steel  Gin Jigger


  • Gold Finish (Stainless Steel) Gin Jigger


Choose Botanical Beverage Blend:


  • Waiheke Distilling Co Spirit of Waiheke paired with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic - The distilleries signature product built on the mantra of embracing the land, wind and sea. A classic dry gin that pays homage to the Island. Perfect with your favourite tonic and a twist of lime or with a sprig of rosemary for a more savoury alternative. 200ml - Paired with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic which has blended essential oils from herbs that they have gathered from around the Mediterranean shores. A delicate, floral tonic water. 2 x 200ml


  • Waiheke Distilling Co Red Ruby Gin paired with Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic - The jewel in their collection, an infusion of ripe New Zealand cherries sweetening an otherwise dry gin structure, resulting in a truly special drop. Perfect on a hot summer’s day. 200ml - Paired with Fever-Tree delicious, unique tonic water that blends the gentle bitterness of South American angostura bark with aromatic botanicals. 2 x 200ml


  • Waiheke Distilling Co London Dry Gin paired with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic -Their take on a time-honoured classic with a cheeky lemon note. The introduction of macadamia provides an enriching mouth feel, pink peppercorn adds spice and an earthy current to their version of this spirit. 200ml - Fever-Tree have blended luscious botanical oils with spring water and quinine of the highest quality award-winning tonic water. 2 x 200ml


Beautifully presented in a New Zealand made wooden gift box with your personal handwritten message, they will love this unique gift.


Gin Lovers

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